Ancient Times
In these ancient times, demons roamed the world and battled each other. Eventually they were driven to other
dimensions by a new race of beings, the humans. However, some demons remained such as the vampires.

Buffy becomes the Slayer and soon after moves to Sunnydale.

Angel moves to Los Angeles and creates Angel Investigations.

Buffy and Willow turn all of the potential slayers into actual vampire slayers.
At the same time, the Hellmouth is destroyed, taking Sunnydale along
with it. Buffy and her army of slayers are able to escape in time.

Angel takes control of the Los Angeles branch of Wolfram and Hart.

Angel attempts to delay Wolfram and Hart's apocalypse by destroying the
Circle of the Black Thorn, a cabal of powerful beings that serve Wolfram
and Hart on Earth.

Damien and James head to Toronto and begin searching for Sylvia.